• VOLUME/CTN.: 0.014CBM
  • Chain lube is a combination of active substance with protecting and gliding effects suited to the machines, the material and the running conditions nowadays. It is a special lubricant adhesive, resistant to hot water and sea water as well a spinning-resistant. Reduce friction, wear and squeaking noises. Protect from corrosion, especially in wet areas. So, it is water-refusing, creep able and very good adhering.


    Remove dirtiness before spraying at the parts. Strongly shake before using the spray. The product can be used not only at running machines, but also at still standing machines. Wire ropes will be treated very well with this product and they will have a very strong glide and rust protection. The adhering of the product must be emphasized especially. Rolls and ball bearings, all kinds of gears and joints, clutch and parts of precision etc. the product will force one as way into the especially inaccessible parts. This product is suitable for light running of all chains and wire ropes. Displace moisture.

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